Rent prime property

Buy. Sell. Rent. Hold.

Whatever your reason for renting a property in London or the UK countryside – you’ve been posted to the UK for an indefinite or defined period; you need to rent for a short time to give you breathing space before you commit to purchasing; your lifestyle simply dictates that renting is the best current option – we will apply the same focus, diligence and independence as we do when we are advising on buying or selling.

The contacts and inside knowledge that are the foundation of our prime property business apply equally to the rental market, and enable us to identify a short-list of suitable properties for you to view, often before they come to the open market. Our job is to eliminate the hassle of searching by taking you directly to properties that match your needs.

With rentals, speed is of the essence. An hour or two can make all the difference – there’s nothing more disappointing than identifying the perfect property and finding you’ve lost out. And conditions tend to change much more rapidly than the buying market, with key areas going from under-supplied to over-supplied in the course of a few months.

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