Meet Georgina Currie, executive assistant, Country

23rd November 2020

Georgina joined Middleton Advisors in October 2020 as an executive assistant to the Country team. Before joining Middleton she worked as an events assistant and receptionist at a shooting school near Pangbourne, helping to arrange privately-appointed shooting parties at a number of country estates in Berkshire, Wiltshire and Hampshire.

“I found that organisation, an attention to detail and the ability to anticipate and take in my stride sudden changes was the key to success.”

“Co-ordinating and managing private events in the hospitality industry, working in a fast-paced environment really requires an active thinking and problem-solving attitude, and that is one of the key skills I am using every day at Middleton. I have always enjoyed working in businesses that are dedicated to providing excellent service to their clients on a specialist rather than corporate scale. I’m also really enjoy increasing my knowledge of rural property set in British landscape.”

As an executive assistant, Georgina support Ben Horne and Gemma Maclaran in the Middleton country team, covering Hampshire, the South West of England, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

Outside of work, Georgina can usually be found in a pair of wellies walking her two dogs or riding out on to beautiful bridleways of Berkshire.


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