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Our advisors are experts in the field of prime property, and we are regularly asked by national media to comment on the market, trends and other factors that influence property buying and selling decisions. Read extracts from the property media and our own property intelligence reports below. If you are looking to buy, sell or hold property in London or the country contact any of our property advisors here.

Middleton Advice paper: What security measures should I take for my property in London?

9th March 2015

Property in London is inevitably subject to targeting by both opportunists and professionals. It’s perfectly possible, however, to implement simple security measures to protect your assets and your family without disrupting your lifestyle.

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Middleton Advice paper: Where do I get the best advice on managing agricultural land?

9th February 2015

Owning agricultural land brings a myriad of management options. The expertise, resources and equipment needed to manage your land can be sourced through contracting and partnership, outright purchase or ad hoc hire of help, for example.

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Middleton Advice paper: Who is best for country property conveyancing?

9th January 2015

Conveyancing principles are the same, irrespective of the property. Yet the practicalities of buying a country house with grounds, swimming pool, stables, paddocks and staff accommodation are worlds away from those which apply to buying a smart town-house. So who is going to be best placed to deliver a smooth conveyance?

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Middleton Advice paper: Do I need a Quantity Surveyor?

1st January 2015

The majority of buyers of country houses and estates will be contemplating improvements even before completion. Accurately estimating the cost of your project, and staying within budget is never simple.

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Middleton client stories: Joe Mercer Nairne

29th September 2014

Middleton client Joe Mercer Nairne barely had a chance to caramelise the endive, crush the borlotti beans or purée the fennel before his restaurant venture was awarded its first Michelin star. Now with three AA Rosettes, London AA Restaurant of the Year award, and ecstatic reviews from the not-easily-pleased AA Gill, Jay Rayner, Matthew Norman and Giles Coren, Joe reflects on his first three years as head chef and co-owner of Medlar in Chelsea.

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Meet Lucy Mulford, Head of Finance, Middleton Advisors

9th May 2014

 “I’ve enjoyed being part of Middleton's growth, but also the fact that we are still, in corporate terms, a small business and I know all of our colleagues, suppliers and partners by first names.”

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How does cost of property ownership vary in different world cities?

9th April 2014

Although a ‘mansion’ tax is under consideration in the UK, it’s still unlikely to take the real cost of ownership above New York or Hong Kong.

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Middleton client stories: Matthew Rampton

9th May 2013

When Matthew Rampton approached Middleton to find a country house in the UK, he made it clear that enabling his children to pursue their ambition as downhill ski racers was key.

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Middleton client stories: Neil Franks

9th May 2012

“Exercise is changing,” says Athlete Lab founder and Middleton client, Neil Franks who, having retired from the oil industry, is now focused on building another kind of ‘energy’ business – one that is very close to his heart-rate monitor.

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Middleton client stories: John Keevill

9th November 2011

“I’d happily encourage other organisations to get involved in this type of activity. It may appear primarily philanthropic, but there are genuine commercial benefits as well," says Middleton client John Keevill of his company's support of the King’s Head Theatre Company.

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Middleton client stories: Paul Barry-Walsh

9th April 2011

While the term ‘big society’ did not exist when entrepreneur Paul Barry-Walsh, established Fredericks Foundation in 2001, he is convinced that the ethos did.

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