Meet Ashley Wilsdon, buying advisor, London

3rd September 2017

“I really love matching up people who are coming to live in London with the area that most suits their personality and lifestyle,” says Middleton’s Ashley Wilsdon. “I’m not from London, so I don’t have that inherent feeling that born-and-bred Londoners always have, that their part of the city is really the best. I’ve just made it my business to get to know the whole city and really understand the character and the nature of each of its ‘villages’. I’ve made an effort to live and work in different parts of London. It’s relatively easy to find a suitable house when a client briefs us, but it takes a much deeper appreciation to match them to an area that will complement their personality and aspirations.”

“We were recently commissioned by a young, artistic couple who were new to London, and had previously lived in a loft apartment in New York. It was important to really get to know them before we started searching, let alone go through any front doors,” says Ashley. “We eventually purchased an apartment within a converted flour mill with lots of original beams and a balcony overlooking an inlet of the Thames. It wasn’t so simple as, ‘find us a loft apartment’. It was more about defining the characteristics of that artistic personality and lifestyle, and finding London’s answer.”

Ashley, who grew up in the Cotswolds, has property in his blood, and knew from an early age that it was going to be his career, passing up University offers to head straight to London and ‘get on with it’. He spent nearly ten years working on the selling side with agents such as Marsh & Parsons, Bective Leslie Marsh and Chestertons, getting to know the city, but always itching for the opportunity to spend more time on fewer clients.

“I was always aware that the buying side afforded that opportunity to build relationships and get to know people better. And I’ve really retained my enthusiasm for London so I do feel very confident that there is something here for just about anyone. Even though everyone is in a real hurry in London, it’s important to be patient on the buying side.”

However much anyone loves London though, some form of escape is essential. For Ashley, ever since a friend introduced him to surfing some ten years ago, that means heading for the coast – preferably somewhere warm. “I was introduced to surfing in Portugal by a friend. I played a lot of sports when I was younger, but I reckon if you catch one wave you’re hooked for life. I’ve been on 40 to 50 flights in the last ten years, chasing waves in Europe, Australia and Indonesia. Fiji, which has some of the most famous ‘breaks’ of all, is the big one on my to-do list.”

In the meantime, London is always changing and, as Ashley says, “You can never stop learning more about London – the city is so diverse, so fast-moving. Just a new bar or restaurant can make a difference to an area, and of course the bigger infrastructure projects such as Crossrail are impacting, so we can never stand still.”

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