Meet Adam Buxton, prime property advisor Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds

11th February 2016

“This one is a pretty good microcosm of what we do,” says Adam Buxton recalling a previous deal on the buying side of Middleton's business. 

“My client gave a very precise, very detailed description of the ideal that he and his wife had in their minds. I started to picture the property and match it up with a house that I knew of. Several sales had fallen through on this property the previous year and it was therefore ‘off market’, but I knew that the problem could be resolved with some swift action and specialist legal advice. I instinctively felt that it matched the brief more closely than a couple of other properties that they were considering. When they first saw it, the response was ‘that looks amazing’, and when we completed the purchase seven weeks later, that was their reaction again.”

“For me to make the match-up required inside knowledge and a really trusted contact, a good dose of instinct, a recognition that other specialist professional advice would be required and a network that ensured I could access it, and the absolute faith of my client that we weren’t wasting their time or money.”

Adam has always lived and worked in a rural environment and understands everything about country life from sheep lambing to riding horses. Many Middleton clients are either moving from the city to the country, or acquiring a weekend property to get away from it all, and so theirs is a different mind-set.

“One client said to me, ‘I don’t want to be more than ten minutes from Soho Farmhouse’ – the private members club near Chipping Norton, which has almost single-handedly extended the boundaries of the ‘Cotswolds’ further east.”

“Our job is to understand every single aspect of a client and their family’s aspiration and lifestyle, to know exactly which properties are ‘for sale’, irrespective of whether they are actually on the market, to understand both the buyer's and the seller’s mindset, and to transact deals that work for all parties.”

Backing up the knowledge and instinct that take years to acquire, Adam has a full set of property qualifications – he is a qualified Chartered Surveyor and a Fellow of the Association of Agricultural Valuers – and plenty of credentials when it comes to introducing people to the rural lifestyle. “Having spent all my life on a farm with a father who used to breed racehorses, I’ve spent a lot of time at the course and point-to-points. I also spent a year chasing down cows in the Australian Outback. It’s a far cry from central North Oxford, but all of these experiences come in useful at some point of your career.”

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