About us. We are professional buying advisors.

We act on behalf of private clients who wish to purchase prime property in London and the country.

The Middleton way has enabled us to save our clients, on average, 3.5 times as much as our fees since we opened our doors in 2008.

In a typical year, half the property that we acquire isn’t openly for sale. Finding these 'needles in haystacks' requires proactive research and an unmatched network of professional and private contacts with whom mutual trust has been developed over many years.

We set a strict limit on the number of clients that any one of us will manage at any one time, to ensure that the person you first meet will work with you from first to last.

Every stage of the buying process is managed and delivered with minimum fuss and maximum expertise.

If you’d like us to tell you more about the Middleton way, call Mark Parkinson Head of London property, or Tom Hudson, Head of Country property.

“We bought the house knowing we'd be doing a lot of work. Middleton built a great team for us - architect, surveyor, builder - and the projects went like clockwork.”

Roger Miners.